Interested in Bringing Telehealth into your Medical Practice?

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Looking for something to set your medical practice apart from the rest? Let us help you get into Telehealth. Assurgent Medical Staffing has the platform in place for this, and can help you navigate how to introduce it to your medical facility.

One of the biggest draws to telemedicine, is that geography does not hinder specialists from treating patients on the other side of the country. As long as the provider is licensed in the state in which they are providing care, they can do a face-to-face consult with their patients from thousands of miles away.

One of the nation’s largest healthcare systems, Banner Health, has implemented telemedicine and have determined that its use has paid off.

According to a recent Forbes article, the implementation of Telehealth has given Banner Health the following results:

  • Cost of care reduced by 7%
  • Acute and long term care costs reduced by 32%
  • Hospitalizations reduced by 45%

Give the professionals at Assurgent Medical a call today, and see what Telehealth can bring to your medical practice.


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