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Unique Approach

Our approach to healthcare staffing is set apart by an extremely unique, aggressive, and results oriented strategy. We employ markedly different methodologies, based on several different factors which include an aggregate knowledge of the healthcare industry, a consultative approach, and one of the largest and most comprehensive databases in the industry.

We employ a top-down approach to healthcare and educate all our professionals to be just that….professionals. Our team members are taught an aggregate understanding of the healthcare industry, learning organizational structures, reimbursement rates, medical malpractice laws, hospital revenue streams, population requirements and technical aspects and procedures of each different specialty and sub-specialty. They are all well-versed in contract structures, RVU models, and all aspects of Academic Medicine.

We have forged a strategic alliance with AT&T to deliver Telehealth encounters and a Remote Patient Monitoring platform, which integrates perfectly with our Healthcare Staffing solutions and allows for seamless care coordination.

Our firm employs a consultative approach. We are not in business to tell you what you want to hear. We structure our path to success in a consultative fashion laying a successful foundation and path to success. The knowledge, expertise, and professionalism of our people allows them to lay this groundwork in a way that embodies professionalism as well as teamwork and synergy.

We constantly strive to update, maintain, and add to, what is one of the most comprehensive and effective databases in the industry. With our database containing over 700,000 healthcare professionals, we are able to see results for all of our search endeavors within days of initiation. These things, combined with an extensive amount of experience, propel us to constant success and relationships with some of the most recognizable names in the healthcare industry, such as Johns Hopkins, UMASS, Iasis Healthcare, the University of Florida, Kansas University and the Children’s Specialists of San Diego.

What People are Saying

“I am pleased to say that we filled our orthopaedic surgeon position with an extremely qualified individual…”