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Remote Patient Monitoring

The use of connected devices to:

  • collect biometric data from sick or at-risk individuals outside the clinical environment and
  • share that data with clinicians or other caregivers

What is AT&T Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring is a secure solution that provides health data to clinical caregiver’s monitoring software from the patient through Bluetooth® -enabled devices connected to a healthcare tablet or manual entry of data from their own devices into their smartphones.


Connected Devices*

    • Pulse Oximeter
    • Blood Pressure
    • Weight Scale
    • Glucometer (Hospital provided)

*The hospital provides these with the Kit; devices are patient-provided for BYOD

Transit & Engage

In Home Tablet (Kit)

  • Hospital provided LTE tablet with Bluetooth enabled connected medical devices.
  • Video interface for virtual visits and educational materials

Smartphone (BYOD)

  • SMS messaging using patient provided smartphone
  • Patient manually inputs biometrics and responds to surveys thru web application
  • Video interface for virtual visits and educational materials
Store & Manage

Cloud Based Solution with

  • Integrated video conferencing capability offering “virtual visits” between clinician & patient
Report & Use

Web Access for HC Professionals

  • Caregiver Dashboard
  • Customized Care Plans

Electronic Health Record

  • Ability to integrate most EMRs