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Projected Physician Shortage

Predictions show that by 2025, our physician workforce is not going to be large enough to meet the demand. According to a 2013 report prepared for the Association of American Medical Colleges, or AAMC, there are 767,100 physicians who are actively practicing that have completed their graduate medical education, and are under the age of 75. Of these physicians 26% are between age 55 and 65 years old, meaning many of them will retire over the next 10 years. This could remove almost 30% of our physician work force. In addition, the amount of physicians completing their graduate medical education each year, around 29,000, is remaining the same. Another factor for these predictions is that younger physicians, in the millennial’s generation, are more likely to prefer to work fewer hours than physician’s from older generations. Census data shows that male physicians between 26 and 35 worked 5.3 hours less each week in 2011 than the demographic in 1980. While those 35 and over worked about the same amount.  The study projects that 46, 100 to possibly 90,400 less physicians will be working in 2025, than the projected supply...

Assurgent Medical Staffing Gives Back

Assurgent Medical Staffing Gives Back In today’s world, it is easy to get caught up in the daily hustle. At Assurgent Medical, our professional staff is focused and driven to meet all of our deadlines. However, this does not mean that we do not have the time to give back to our community. Many of our team members give back by volunteering, coaching little league, and doing random acts of kindness within our community on their own. At Assurgent Medical, we take this one step further and make volunteering a priority as a company. Preserving a spirit of generosity includes getting out of the office, and giving back. Assurgent Medical has partnered up with Open Hand Atlanta, to help prepare and package meals for homebound seniors, friends and neighbors throughout metro Atlanta, who are struggling with a chronic or critical illness. During our last volunteer opportunity this past Tuesday, our staff helped Open Hand Atlanta pack over 545 meals and route 1395 meals! Take a look at our team, all dressed and ready to go to work.       If giving back is important to you, be sure find a company to work with who has similar values! You can feel confident in Assurgent Medical to meet your Medical Staffing needs. Please give us a call today and see how we can help...

Why Choose a Medical Staffing Firm?

Have you considered using a Medical Staffing Firm to help find your next placement in the medical field? At Assurgent Medical Staffing, we are equipped to help you find fulfilling work that suits your needs. Whether you are searching for something permanent or for a locum tenens position, we have the recruiting and credentialing personnel in place to assist you with everything from your search to every detail in the credentialing process. Physicians choose Locum Tenens work for many reasons. Some might choose a Locum Tenens position as an opportunity to travel or to network with other providers. Some might use it as an opportunity to fill the gap in between one position and the next, or to provide income while working to start their own practice. At Assurgent Medical Staffing, we do not only help you to find the perfect placement. Our professional staff is available to help you find answers, and to advocate for you and your qualifications as a medical provider. Then, we will assist in everything from privileging and licensing to arrangements for travel and housing. Assurgent Medical has helped providers in varying situations find their next placement. Whatever the reason is that you are looking for a temporary or permanent position, Assurgent Medical Staffing is here for you. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you obtain the position you...

Physician Salaries by Specialty

Are you wondering how you stack up against the rest? On average, how much money do doctors actually make, and how different are their salaries by specialty? According to AOL Jobs, Business Insider, Medscape opened a survey in which 19,500 physicians responded. The physician salaries reported were across 26 different physician specialties. The survey found that doctors that do more procedures make more money than those who manage chronic illnesses. How does your physician salary compare? See the results of this survey below:   If you’re looking for a medical staffing firm that pays you what you believe you deserve, Assurgent Medical Staffing is the firm to work with. We will consult with you, and make sure that you are satisfied with the wages you are making! Whether you are looking for permanent or locum tenen’s assignments, give the recruiters a call today!...

The US Military HealthCare System Goes Digital

Assurgent Medical is continually staying on top of the latest news in healthcare in order to provide you with the best possible information. The healthcare industry has certainly changed with more and more businesses and organizations turning to the digital world to make things more streamlined. In fact, just recently, the United States Defense Departments Military Health System turned over its health record upgrade to the Cerner Corporation. At the end of July, the 10-year contract was awarded to the Cerner Corp in what is believed to be the largest technology health information contract to date. Cerner Corp was awarded the $4.3 billion dollar contract after beating out Epic Systems, one of Cerner’s archrivals. The contract will modernize records of military personnel, their families and veterans and retirees. Originally, there were six companies competing for the massive government contract, which involves over 50 hospitals and literally hundreds of medical clinics both in the US and overseas. Although representatives remain tight-lipped about the details of the massive contract, it is said to involve the implementation of an upgraded electronic health records system for the military like no other. Cerner, who teamed with the Leidos Corporation on the final bid for the contract, beat out the likes of Hewlett-Packard and IBM over a two-year period. The Cerner Corporation is a Kansas City-based technology company that has built its foundation on intelligent solutions for businesses and organizations in the healthcare industry. With over 18,000 facilities located around the globe, the services range from financial, clinical, and of course, operational needs using applications that are developed with doctors in mind focusing on the...

Interested in Bringing Telehealth into your Medical Practice?

Looking for something to set your medical practice apart from the rest? Let us help you get into Telehealth. Assurgent Medical Staffing has the platform in place for this, and can help you navigate how to introduce it to your medical facility. One of the biggest draws to telemedicine, is that geography does not hinder specialists from treating patients on the other side of the country. As long as the provider is licensed in the state in which they are providing care, they can do a face-to-face consult with their patients from thousands of miles away. One of the nation’s largest healthcare systems, Banner Health, has implemented telemedicine and have determined that its use has paid off. According to a recent Forbes article, the implementation of Telehealth has given Banner Health the following results: Cost of care reduced by 7% Acute and long term care costs reduced by 32% Hospitalizations reduced by 45% Give the professionals at Assurgent Medical a call today, and see what Telehealth can bring to your medical practice....

Healthcare Employment Opportunities

Are you looking for a change in your career in Healthcare Employment? Call to speak with our team of professional recruiters at Assurgent Medical. With contracts from across the country, Assurgent Medical can help you find a position in any region of the US.

The medical field is tough enough. Let Assurgent Medical help you discover hundreds of healthcare jobs that are perfect for someone with your skill set. When you choose to work with the Assurgent Medical team of professional recruiters, they will open the door to many opportunities in your search for Healthcare Employment. Our experienced staff can help you find the right healthcare job in the part of the country you will enjoy the most…..

Health Care Staffing Atlanta

Finding the right fit for your medical practice or healthcare system can be time consuming. When it comes to Health Care Staffing in Atlanta, you can depend on the competent and experienced physician recruiters at Atlanta’s very own, Assurgent Medical Staffing. Our team of physician recruiters specialize in permanent placements, as well as locum tenens…

Health Care Staffing

Having trouble finding the right fit for your hospital or private medical practice? Need a provider to fill in for a short term while your full time practitioner takes some much needed time off? Assurgent Medical Staffing is here to help you.

Both temporary and permanent positions in any health care facility can be tough to fill. Call and schedule a consultation with the professionals at Assurgent Medical. We understand your challenges and work full time to overcome them.

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